12-meter rotating conveyor sent to the USA

At a water reclamation plant in Palmetto, on the outskirts of Columbia, USA, several thousand cubic metres of sludge is purified and sorted into containers every year. Previously, the containers had to be constantly alternated as they became full, causing undesirable and inefficient downtime. In order to achieve a more efficient system, the water reclamation plant ordered a specially constructed rotating conveyor from Hydria Water. The reason for the client’s requirement for a rotating conveyor was that it should be able to deposit material in several containers placed in a row, without the need to empty or move the containers.

– The solution that we came up with is a 12-metre-long rotating conveyor that can be remotely controlled. The client is delighted and now has a much better and more efficient process, Henrik Karlgren, Senior Product Manager at Hydria Water, says.