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Hydria Water assists Mixum in decreasing their environmental impact

In north-eastern Motala, Sweden, Mixum’s state-of-the-art production facility prepares, among other things, quinoa salads, pasta, and eggs for Picadeli’s salad bars, which can be found in food stores in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, and Central Europe. Picadeli are currently the largest supplier of cooked pasta and pasta mixes on the market. In a single year, they produce no less than 3000 tonnes of cooked pasta, which corresponds to 150 large trucks.

Care for the environment is a strong priority for Mixum, and the company has introduced a large number of production-related measures to decrease their impact on the environment.

– The industrial production of bulgur and pasta dishes involves the use of large quantities of fat, which is disposed of along with wastewater. It is for this reason that we built an entirely new facility with new machinery, which became operational at the end of November last year, to deal with the problem says CEO Magnus Frantzén.

In 2020, Hydria Water delivered a Drum Screen RS with a horizontally mounted drum to filter solid particles from the process water, and a conveyor for dewatering the particles. Mixum chose to use Hydria Water’s services on the basis of a recommendation.

Mixum vattenrening Hydria Water

Hydria Water expands it’s operations in Borås

As a result of an ever-increasing demand for water treatment products, Hydria Water has identified a need to invest in and consolidate its brands. At the moment, production is being moved to and concentrated in the Viared industrial and logistics hub in Borås, Sweden.

Through its brands Mellegård & Naij and VA Teknik Sweden, Hydria Water has previously undertaken production work in both Viared and Skövde, Sweden. As Mellegård & Naij has outgrown its facilities in Skövde, production will be moved to Borås in order to consolidate the company’s supply chain and production facilities in one place.

– This allows us to be more flexible in our production and allocate our resources based on the requirements of our different product ranges. We see that demand for our products has increased strongly in both Sweden and internationally, and that we need to concentrate our efforts and focus on one place in order to ensure faster deliveries, CEO Robert Bjursten says.

The move will commence in April and conclude in September of this year. Some of the staff will relocate to Borås, and at the same time a new competence centre consisting of salespeople, sales support, and engineers will be created in Skövde. In total, 10–15 new jobs will be created in Borås.

– Our facilities in Borås are spacious, well-equipped, and perfectly placed to make the most of our logistics and transportation network. This is part of the largest investment in the history of Hydria Water, and part of our overall effort to build our brand, Robert Bjursten says.

Ellen Gremo, the newly appointed Marketing Manager at Hydria Water, provided further details on the plans:
– This is the beginning of our large-scale brand work that will be carried out during the autumn.

Hydria Water viared Borås