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Hydria Water renovates and improves the efficiency of Arboga wastewater treatment plant

An extensive renovation is currently ongoing at Arboga wastewater treatment plant, which purifies up to 6,000 cubic metres of wastewater every day. After winning a public procurement contract in Autumn 2021, Hydria Water is currently manufacturing and installing new machines for the wastewater treatment plant in collaboration with Ståthöga MA Teknik. Hydria Water is responsible for supplying and installing new plastic chain scrapers, while Ståthöga MA Teknik are repairing the concrete in the sedimentation tanks.

The renovation of the plant will improve the efficiency of the sludge-removal process, as old, cabled-pulled carts will be replaced with a plastic chain-scraper system. It will also result in the wastewater treatment plant’s operations being more reliable and energy-efficient. This is a large project with a focus on sustainability, and will ensure that the wastewater treatment plant can continue to work in an efficient, environmentally friendly, and hygienic way for many years to come.

Hydria Water Arboga

A merger that makes things easier for our clients

One of the reasons for the ongoing merging of the Hydria Water, Mellegård & Naij, and VA Teknik brands is to simplify things for our clients. Before we began this process, several different parameters were carefully considered in relation to the needs of our clients.

– Today, our clients have one way of contacting us instead of several, which we believe makes everything easier. They are now able to purchase products and services from a single company rather than several, Robert Bjursten, CEO of Hydria Water, says.

By gathering the many strands of the organization and integrating our systems and processes, we are now creating a modern and attractive company that is always there to meet our clients’ needs.

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