Hydria Water’s solutions purify the Kapellskär Archipelago

Kapellskär is a large and important port for the Norrtälje area, and the upgrading of machinery at the wastewater treatment plant there will benefit the entire Baltic Sea and the municipality’s large settlement on the archipelago. Through a close collaboration with Purac, Hydria Water has developed an innovative technological solution that provides an efficient separation within a relatively small physical footprint.

– The process of delivering, installing, and making operational the equipment for the Kapellskär plant was a very interesting and rewarding challenge. Our channel filters provide an enormous flow capacity, a very high degree of separation, a short operating time, minimal wear on both the equipment we installed and that of the following stages of the process, and a very compact footprint, Johan Fritz, Sales Engineer at Hydria Water, says.

The machine will be optimised using a variable frequency drive to control the channel filters. This means that the speed of the drum screen and brush are dependent on what is filtered from the incoming pipe, the flow rate, and the levels reached in the machines’ containers. The installation is a system solution and market-leading design, yielding the largest efficient filtration area of all perforated machines on the market. This innovative design ensures that no polluted water passes through the screen and reaches the Baltic Sea.

Hydria Water has had overall responsibility for the installation, startup, and training relating to the equipment delivered. In all likelihood our solution is the most efficient perforated screening equipment on the market for this application, and will go a long way towards ensuring that the Kapellskär Archipelago is as clean as it can possibly be.

Kapellskärs Skärgård Hydria Water