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Installation of scrapers reduces electricity consumption by 66 percent

During the autumn, a client in the Greek town of Patra has been updating their facility with a new scraper from Hydria Water, a project which has entailed a great benefit for the customer.

– In this case, we were working with a Greek team that had not worked with our machines before, so we assisted with management and support throughout the installation, says Jörgen Edelmalm, Service Manager at Hydria Water.

By replacing old machines at the end of their lifespan with new ones from us, the customer’s electricity consumption will be reduced by as much as two-thirds.

– On an annual basis, the electricity consumption will be as much as 66 percent lower, which is very cost-effective and sustainable in several regards, says Jörgen Edelmalm and adds that Hydria Water’s products are noticeably more energy efficient compared to others on the market.

– We dare to say that our solutions are up to 28 percent more energy efficient than most others on the market.

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Secure solutions for a sustainable future

Our work partially involves developing and delivering products that purify water, and partially providing service, support, and maintenance agreements for our customers. It is a preventive service that ensures that operations at the facilities continues without interruption.

– We call it a Care Agreement, and it means that both municipalities and industries can add a support service to their deliveries wherein we preventively inspect the machines at the facilities. This takes place through annual checks as well as through support and service if problems arise along the way, says Jörgen Edelmalm, Service Manager at Hydria Water.

Through preventive work, the customer can avoid costly downtime at their facility.

– It is convenient for the customer because they do not have to think about the machines. Instead, we are the ones who keep track of the service intervals and contact them to schedule regular appointments for inspection. On site, we go through the machine so that there are no errors that could cause downtime in the long run.

Hydria Water’s goal is to always be at the forefront in terms of both products, solutions, and expertise, which means that we can offer what customers and facilities need for long-term sustainable water treatment.

– Through accessibility, structure in the work processes, and commitment, we create solutions that give our customers security. In this way, we contribute to a more sustainable future.

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Sustainable solutions that create benefits over time

Since the merger of Hydria Water, Mellegård & Naij, and VA Teknik Sweden AB, several positive effects can be seen from a sustainability viewpoint.

– For us, sustainability and having a long-term perspective is essential when we talk about the future needs of society. When we chose to merge our two factories, we were also able to further our sustainability efforts from a social, business, and environmental perspective. It brought several benefits, including that transports between the factories ceased and that production was made more efficient, leaving a reduced climate footprint, says Kristoffer Lindberg, COO at Hydria Water.

The property is built to be optimized for maximum energy efficiency. This is partly to be able to keep energy costs down and partly to be able to guarantee as small climate footprint as possible, now and in the future.

– In our facilities in Viared, Borås, we have all the prerequisites for modern, sustainable, and efficient production. In the past year, efforts have been made to ensure that both the facility and the entire new production process is as long-term energy-efficient and sustainable as possible. We also wanted to make use of our shared expertise to create a smoother workflow of an even higher quality throughout our entire business. From a sustainability perspective, we see significant benefits from the merger and centralizing operations in the factory in Viared, which is in line with our goals and investments going forward.

Read more about the merger here.

Hydria Water helps streamline the workflow of industrial customers

Hydria Water recently installed a Cross Screen XS and Wash Press TP at a slaughterhouse in Linköping. The mission was to improve the flow of daily operations and reduce the workload for the employees at the slaughterhouse.

– The wash press has compressed the amount of water considerably and the cross screen has meant a more efficient workflow. Earlier, the customer needed to empty their screens seven to eight times per day, now they only need to empty it seven to eight times a week, says Jörgen Edelmalm, Service Manager at Hydria Water.

High quality water treatment processes can result in lower costs for industries as less waste has to be sent to treatment plants.

– By installing a wash press, a large amount of water is compressed. The cross screen caches the waste, which in this case comes from the operations of the slaughterhouse, but these products can effectively be used in many industries where there are high demands on particle separation and water purification, says Jörgen Edelmalm.

In this case, the benefit of the installation for the customer could be seen immediately, and it is a noticeable difference.

– The number of cleanings needed has been reduced drastically and, in terms of work, it has been a clear improvement for the slaughterhouse’s employees as the amount of manual labor required has been significantly reduced. Instead, the workflow became more efficient, and the installation brought about a significant improvement for our customer. In addition, the investment will pay for itself after seven to nine months, which is another important factor, says Jörgen Edelmalm.

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The municipality of Växjö chose Hydria Water as a supplier to meet high demands

When Växjö municipality needed to replace the water treatment equipment in the sewage plant in Böksholm, Hydria Water was chosen as supplier for the project through public procurement. The project included the installation and commissioning of a new inlet to the sewage plant, which is located adjacent to lake Örken, not far from a bathing area. High demands were therefore placed on ensuring particle separation and water purification of the highest quality, so that the processed water meets the environmental requirements. Hydria Water was chosen as a supplier because our solutions and products could meet the high requirements for water treatment and because we could offer a complete solution.

Växjö municipality chose to also procure installation and service from Hydria Water. To accommodate the new machines, which were significantly larger than the old ones, a rebuilding of the plant’s premises was required, and a wall had to be temporarily demolished to bring in the new machines.

– The installation went very well, thanks to good cooperation with technical staff at Växjö municipality and a well-thought-out, functioning timetable, says Jörgen Edelmalm, Service Manager at Hydria Water.

The machines included in the delivery were a Combi Unit CU and the new Sand Washer Alpha SWA.

Combi Unit CU is a complete mechanical pre-treatment system for water treatment that can be used as an alternative to concrete tank, for example when installing inlets. The Sand Washer Alpha SWA separates, washes, and dewaters sand from water. The updated sand washer has a new, market-unique solution for its inlet, which increases both the efficiency and cleanliness of the process.

– In addition to an increased functionality and capacity, the new solution contributes to the extended durability of the machines and a reduced need to replace worn parts. In this way, Hydria Water’s updated sand washing solution contributes to increased sustainability for our customers, says Andreas Riedel, CTO, Hydria Water.

Hydria Water was responsible for the commissioning of the new installation.

– It feels great that Hydria Water’s service and aftermarket team has once again been entrusted with the overall responsibility for delivery, installation, and commissioning and that the project went so well in overall, says Jörgen Edelmalm, Service Manager, Hydria Water.

Constantly being at the forefront with regards to both products, solutions, and expertise means that Hydria Water can offer what clients and facilities need for long-term sustainable water treatment efforts. Through accessibility, structure in the work processes, and commitment, we create solutions that give our customers security. In this way, we contribute to a more sustainable future, where wastewater is used to create new resources.

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Hydria Water launches a new concept for product names

Hydria Water presents a new naming convention for products, Alpha to Omega. The new concept is part of the ongoing process of solidifying the brand’s identity, following the merging of Mellegård & Naij and VA Teknik Sweden into Hydria Water in January this year.

– Since three companies have now become one and we have come together under a strong common brand, we also want the products to follow a consistent and uniform path, which reflects what Hydria Water stands for. By choosing the concept Alpha to Omega, we show that we are constantly looking ahead and are focused on constant development and innovation, says Ellen Gremo, Marketing Manager, Hydria Water.

The naming convention being on the Greek alphabet comes from the fact that “Hydria” itself is a Greek word.

– Hydria is a special kind of ancient Greek water vessel with three handles, one on each side and one in the middle between them, for stability when pouring from the vessel. The symbolism of the three handles is especially clear now that three companies have become one, we have all gathered in the same Hydria, says Ellen Gremo.

All new products developed and manufactured by Hydria Water will continue to be named using letters from the Greek alphabet. First up was the new Sand Washer Alpha SWA, which was launched just before the summer. It is a new, market-unique solution developed in collaboration with Alpha Solutions, a world-leading company in CFD simulations, to optimize the functionality of the sand washer. As a result, we have now been able to increase both efficiency and the degree of purity throughout the process. Over the course of the rest of the year, more products and solutions will be rolled out.

Digital Beta, the second product under the new naming concept, is a digital solution that Hydria Water has developed to simplify the management and control of the processes that are currently being tested.

Later this fall, the new Wash Press Gamma WPG will also be introduced. It will then become the third Hydria Water product to be named according to the new concept.

– Wash Press Gamma, which we look forward to telling you more about soon, is a revolutionary solution where the utilization of power in existing facilities is optimized, which provides enormous customer benefits, says Andreas Riedel, CTO, Hydria Water.

– With this launch, we have also brought in our newly developed machines under the Hydria Water brand. This is an important part of the effort to solidify Hydria Water’s new identity for the market and our customers and to also show that we are ready to offer solutions in water treatment with society’s future needs in focus, says Ellen Gremo, Marketing Manager, Hydria Water.

Products that are part of the existing assortment from Mellegård & Naij and VA Teknik Sweden, respectively, will retain their current product designations.

Hydria Water lives up to the Canadian market’s high demands for water purification

Hydria Water is focused on growth in many export markets and during 2022, there has been a particularly positive development in the Canadian market. Together with our local partner, we have over the years delivered no less than 340 machines within the framework of over 150 different projects. The deliveries consist of entire systems for water purification as well as individual machines for various projects.

The success in Canada is largely due to a long-term and good collaboration with Hydria Water’s local partner, but also to the fact that the requirements of the Canadian market to a large extent overlaps with the high requirements for water treatment that prevail in Sweden.

– Our quality products are a good match for the Canadian market and thanks to the fine local collaboration, we can effectively create qualitative and innovative solutions within the framework of the joint projects, says Sophia Nilsson, Technical Account Manager-North and South America at Hydria Water.

In a growing export market where water purification has an increasingly important place on the agenda, Hydria Water can contribute to good and efficient management of wastewater on both a local and global level. This makes Hydria Water a reliable, knowledgeable, and forward-thinking partner for a long-term and sustainable water supply in more and more places in the world.

From three to one, Hydria Water’s journey of development from good to better

In January 2022, Hydria Water gathered the brands Mellegård & Naij and VA Teknik Sweden AB under one umbrella brand. The three companies had worked together for a long time and have now become one, and Hydria Water thereby strengthens its position as a leading manufacturer of water purification products, both in Sweden and internationally.

– It has been an enormously rewarding, exciting, and inspiring journey so far, and now we continue forward – together! Merging three companies increases the ability to work as a team, while creating space for new constellations and opportunities. The boundaries we were previously so good at working across are blurred, now that we all work for the same company, says Ellen Gremo, Marketing Manager, Hydria Water.

Throughout the merger, the focus has been on going from good to better, and by merging and utilizing the expertise of three sister companies, Hydria Water has strengthened both its offer and its leading position in the market. The goal is always to offer customers the best solutions for sustainable water purification.

– We are now seeing how the work to create tomorrow’s Hydria Water is starting to be noticed and is reaching our customers, not least thanks to the great commitment of our employees in the work for change. Our common driving force is to constantly develop and be able to offer our customers, and the market, the best possible expertise, solutions, and service. It is the joy of doing this together that drives us. A lot of work has been done already, but we still have some ways to go. Of course, it motivates us a bit extra that the changes we make are received so well and really appreciated by our customers.

During this fall, work will continue to implement the new brand platform and the changes and development of the company’s identity, which are already beginning to be seen in various channels.

– When three companies become one, it is more important than ever that the brand reflects the collective values ​​and that these are boiled down to a joint offer that everyone can buy into, internally as well as externally. By coming together, we become stronger than ever, and this is foremost expressed in our watchwords; Approachable, Competent, and Foresighted. These values ​​have previously also defined the spirit of all three companies, but now we have specifically selected these three as watchwords. It creates clarity both for our customers and ourselves for how we work together towards a common vision, says Ellen Gremo.


A new approach to the purification of process water of a food service group

When Hydria Water was installing new chain scrapers at a municipal sewage treatment plant in Värmland, we came into contact with a food service company, whose nearby industrial plant was experiencing problems in parts of its water treatment process. This led to a rewarding collaboration and an exciting project.

The customer is a billion-dollar company known, among other things, for its production of chips, cheez doodles, and other snacks. The company is the Nordic region’s leading player in foodservice, with many well-known brands in its portfolio.

Some industries need raw water in their process and purifying and reusing the water used in these processes makes the treated water an economic asset:

  • High quality water treatment can result in lower costs for industries by sending less waste to treatment plants.
  • The separated particles can be sent for incineration, something that can generate income.

After a needs analysis and technical discussions, Hydria Water installed a tailored solution for oil separation, a so-called Combi Unit, to the plant. In addition to oil separation, step screens and a screw press were also installed to handle the solid particles that result from the factory’s process water. Hydria Water was also responsible for the training of the industrial employees during the course of the project.

Hydria Water’s innovative solution has meant that the problem of oil-contaminated process water at the customer’s facility has been eliminated, they have received a functional and problem-free solution that contributes to sustainable water purification processes, now and in the future.

Hydria Water’s Maintenance Agreement creates benefits for customers and reliable facilities

Hydria Water’s much appreciated Maintenance Agreement is part of our constant endeavor to be an innovative, sustainable, and reliable partner in purification of waste- and process water. By continuously adapting and expanding our range of service and maintenance offerings, we can meet customers’ and clients’ needs for support and service, both in the short and long term.

A Maintenance Agreement from Hydria Waters provides a reliable platform to meet needs for maintenance and repairs, which helps prevent sudden outages. In addition, regular maintenance work significantly extends the life of both machines and facilities.

Hydria Water’s service and after-sales team is flexible and mobile, both for remote and on-site assistance, so that our customers can get the skill and expertise required, whenever and wherever the need arises. Together with clients and facilities, we help each other in creating a more sustainable future, where wastewater is utilized and transformed into new resources for the benefit of society.

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