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Your long-term partner in water treatment

Hydria Water is a long-term partner for sustainable operations in water treatment processes. Through close collaboration and dialogue, we provide our customers with complete solutions adapted for each process with focus on quality, security, and service.

With our own production, high competence, and a great willingness to innovate, we guide and help businesses with mechanical water treatment, and thus become a part of transforming wastewater into a resource.

The merger of VA Teknik Sweden and Mellegård & Naij with Hydria Water brings our entire offering together and creates even better conditions for us to be able to help our customers succeed with sustainable water treatment processes.

Hydria Water upgrades Finspångs Tekniska Verk

Finspångs Tekniska Verk has expanded the capacity of its pre-treatment application at the Axsäters wastewater treatment plant to live up to the current flow requirements.

The new application is able to handle 2000 m3/h. Hydria Water has partnered up with Aquasvea and supplied two step screens, two screw presses, and two shredders with the accompanying control cabinets. When installing the new pre- treatment application, Hydria Water’s mobile container solution was used to carry out operations temporarily. Hydria Water was also responsible for assembly, deployment, and training of the delivered equipment.

Development of efficient sludge management together with AVVATech

Following an earlier successful collaboration with AVVATech, the customer reached out so that we could jointly develop a solution for sludge treatment for their end customer.

– We have ordered conveyors from Hydria Water before and been very satisfied, therefore, we reconnected to begin a new collaboration for further efficient solutions, says Andreas Lindström, constructor at AVVATech.

The conveyors are used for transporting dewatered sludge, and with the help of electronic actuators, the sludge is distributed evenly in a container. Sludge management done sustainably and efficiently – a part of the water cycle.

Maintenance Agreement for a sustainable future

We always strive towards being a holistic partner for our customers and to offer sustainable solutions. Therefore, we have developed a Maintenance Agreement, which encompasses both existing and future customers, projects, and installations, in accordance with which we perform maintenance and repairs in order to prevent sudden outages. This also prolongs the lifespan of the machines.

Along with this, our aftermarket team is always on sand-by to provide our customers with their service and expertise to create a more sustainable future long-term. We are always close at hand, and you are more than welcome to contact us if our Maintenance Agreement sounds like something that would interest you!