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New technology being tried at Hydria Water

We arranged an event with the purpose of showing new technology in the area of laser beam welding, which increases the speed by up to seven times compared to TIG welding.  

Kristoffer Lindberg, COO at Hydria Water, started the day with a presentation of the company, highlighting the innovative driving force within the Hydria Group and also told the audience about the technology that can be used instead of traditional TIG welding.

“It feels great to be able to show this new technology to our staff and visitors. Everyone got a chance to try it for themselves, which was greatly appreciated, and considering the result, we are contemplating using this new technology in our organisation in the future”, says Kristoffer Lindberg.  

The demo was done by Lennart Fredriksson from Svetsteknik, Hydria Water’s supplier of welding equipment, and Philip Marriott from Fagon AB. Fagon AB is the supplier of the equipment that was demoed.  

Apart from the staff at Hydria Water, Jobro, Sveba Dahlén, and Jani Parkkinen from Viskastrandsgymnasiet attended the event, and Kristoffer Lindberg feels it is vital to cooperate and collaborate with local parties within the industry.  

“Innovation is something we have always worked with, and we are constantly looking ahead to see how the market evolves. We really value the opportunity to reach potential future staff members and colleagues within our industry.  


After 17 years at Hydria Water, Andreas Riedel still sees new possibilities


It was only ever meant to be a short interlude for Andreas Riedel when Hydria Water needed a welder to help out on a big project involving sending distributors to Managua in Nicaragua. 17 years later, he is CTO and the second generation of his family working at the company.  

“I was quickly onboarded and went on to construction. After a few years, I had the privilege of building this department from scratch when the company underwent restructuring. I managed the recruitment, and my focus was to transform this into an efficient department with agility and technical expertise”, says Andreas.

Andreas’s dad also worked in construction and as the Head of Technology during his many years at Hydria Water. They share an interest in technology, mathematics and innovation.  

“Working with innovation that serves society as a whole feels amazing. At Hydria Water, we are not afraid of thinking outside the box and finding new solutions that differ from our competitors’.”

Andreas personally feels it is the combination of the environmental issue and the technical challenge that spurs him on in his everyday work, as well as having the opportunity to manage his own projects and push topics that are close to his heart.  

“Right now, we are getting prepared for an AI project that can benefit our customers greatly as the machine will be able to update itself in the future. I hope, and firmly believe, that we will have a complete beta version within a year or so.”

Hydria Water is owned by the Swedish family corporation Hydria Group which, as far as Andreas is concerned, is a great advantage.  

“To be part of Hydria Group is an advantage which makes it easier to work long-term instead of constantly keeping an eye on the quarterly report.”

This summer, Andreas’s daughters will work at Hydria Water as part of a digitisation project. They will then be the third generation from the same family at this company.

Products that bring real benefits to facilities 

Hydria Water is always looking ahead to figure out how facilities around the world can be improved. Through Swedish ownership, Swedish manufacturing, high competence, and a curiosity for the future, the company wants to develop in a way that is focused on society’s future needs. 

 – We often talk about developing innovative products where the aim is to create a real business benefit for our customers. These must be sustainable products that make a difference to facilities over time, says Andreas Riedel, CTO at Hydria Water. 

 Our goal is to offer customers the best solutions for sustainable water treatment and, together with other actors, Hydria Water wants to be involved in creating climate-smart cities and communities, protect nature’s resources, and reduce our environmental footprint. 

 – By creating products that, for example, reduce electricity consumption and make the user’s processes more efficient, we contribute to a sustainable society. Sustainable and energy-efficient products are now in demand on an ever-increasing scale, and we can be involved and contribute with that. 

 Hydria Water has always had a strong focus on the environment and are now taking the step into the future together with our customers. 

 – The products we develop and manufacture must both improve and simplify the water treatment plants and reduce the facility’s climate footprint in the short and long term. 

 To show how much municipalities’ wastewater treatment plants can gain by changing to modern sedimentation equipment, Hydria Water has developed an energy saving tool, where you can see current costs, ecological footprint, and potential savings in real time. You can find the energy saving tool here.