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Hydria Water renovates and improves the efficiency of Arboga wastewater treatment plant

An extensive renovation is currently ongoing at Arboga wastewater treatment plant, which purifies up to 6,000 cubic metres of wastewater every day. After winning a public procurement contract in Autumn 2021, Hydria Water is currently manufacturing and installing new machines for the wastewater treatment plant in collaboration with Ståthöga MA Teknik. Hydria Water is responsible for supplying and installing new plastic chain scrapers, while Ståthöga MA Teknik are repairing the concrete in the sedimentation tanks.

The renovation of the plant will improve the efficiency of the sludge-removal process, as old, cabled-pulled carts will be replaced with a plastic chain-scraper system. It will also result in the wastewater treatment plant’s operations being more reliable and energy-efficient. This is a large project with a focus on sustainability, and will ensure that the wastewater treatment plant can continue to work in an efficient, environmentally friendly, and hygienic way for many years to come.

Hydria Water Arboga

A merger that makes things easier for our clients

One of the reasons for the ongoing merging of the Hydria Water, Mellegård & Naij, and VA Teknik brands is to simplify things for our clients. Before we began this process, several different parameters were carefully considered in relation to the needs of our clients.

– Today, our clients have one way of contacting us instead of several, which we believe makes everything easier. They are now able to purchase products and services from a single company rather than several, Robert Bjursten, CEO of Hydria Water, says.

By gathering the many strands of the organization and integrating our systems and processes, we are now creating a modern and attractive company that is always there to meet our clients’ needs.

Hydria Water

New wastewater treatment plant to be built from the ground up in Nora Municipality

The existing wastewater treatment plant was built towards the end of the 1950s, and parts of it have been expanded and rebuilt over the years.
In order for Nora Municipality to grow and additional areas to be connected to the municipal wastewater treatment system, it was decided that a new wastewater treatment plant needed to be built. The new plant will be placed next to the existing one, allowing the old plant to continue to operate until the construction of the new one has been completed.

While the tanks in the old plant are uncovered, the new plant will have a roof that will improve the working environment considerably. As the roof will also reduce problems related to unpleasant odours and noise, the negative impact on the surrounding area will be significantly reduced for the new plant.

ELVA ProcessAutomation AB has entered into a partnering agreement with Samhällsbyggnadsförbundet Bergslagen (‘The Bergslagen Association of Local Authorities’) for the construction of the new wastewater treatment plant. In turn, Hydria Water have signed an agreement with ELVA ProcessAutomation AB to manufacture and deliver plastic chain scrapers, scum pipes, and outlet weirs for five clarifying tanks.

The construction process began with excavation work at the end of 2020, and is projected to be completed in Summer 2022. The machines are currently being manufactured and will shortly be installed by Hydria Water.

Hydria Water Nora

Hydria Water Nora

Hydria Water Nora

Energy-efficient chain scrapers for FORS A/S in collaboration with Krüger

In close collaboration with Krüger, we recently manufactured chain scrapers for the Danish utilities company FORS A/S and the Bjergmarken wastewater treatment plant outside Roskilde, Denmark. The old chain scrapers, which were also manufactured by Hydria Water (then VA Teknik), were worn out after 25 long years in operation; the new ones are made of plastic, and have been paired with drive motors with a plastic chain transmission.

– The new scrapers are efficient and require almost no maintenance. Thanks to their low weight a smaller drive motor can be used, which in turn requires less power. This makes the solution more energy-efficient, Søren Juul Hansen, Sales Manager at Krüger, says.

As Krüger is certified according to the UN’s sustainable development goals, all of the involved parties were required to meet high sustainability requirements throughout the replacement process.  Thanks to our products being of very high quality and having very long lifespans and our constant focus on the development of components, Hydria Water fulfilled these requirements.

– We have, for example, decreased the amount of plastic used in the wearshoes by 45%, without shortening their lifespan. The product thus contributes to the companies’ sustainability efforts in terms of circular economy, which is of huge importance to us, Ellen Gremo, Marketing Manager at Hydria Water, says.

We want to thank FORS A/S and Krüger for a productive and interesting collaboration which focused on sustainability and energy-efficiency, and produced a successful end result.

Photo: Krüger

Hydria Water to become Hydria Water – all of our brands are coming together under one name

For more than 30 years, we have worked for cleaner water. We are in the process of bringing together VA Teknik Sweden, Mellegård & Naij, and Hydria Water under one name, with shared production facilities. We are becoming better together!

The cooperation between our companies has always been strong, and earlier this year we moved our production facility in Skövde to Borås, Sweden. At the same time, a new competence centre consisting of salespeople, sales-support personnel, and technicians who work closely with the head office in Borås was created in Skövde.

The combining of all of our brands under one name is a natural evolution that will ensure efficient cooperation and continue to make the most of our shared competence and innovation culture. At the same time, it’s simplifying the business for our customers and suppliers. With world-class production and a modernised and expanded product range, we stand ready to face the demands of tomorrow and continue our water-purification efforts.

The change of name will come into effect on January 1, 2022, but some changes will take place from December 1, 2021 onwards.

In detail, the merger and change of name mean that VA Teknik Sweden will change its name to Hydria Water, and the sales company formerly known as Hydria Water along with Mellegård & Naij will merge with this company. In practice, the transitional period will last between January 1 and May 1, 2022, when the merger will have been finalised. Hydria Water’s business information will then be as follows:

Hydria Water AB
P.O. Box 858
SE-501 15 Borås, Sweden
Head office: Ödegärdsgatan 4, 504 64 Borås, Sweden
Phone: +46 (0)33-23 67 00
Competence centre: Kåsatorpsvägen 9, 541 34 Skövde, Sweden
VAT no.: SE556470932601
Org. no.: 556470–9326

We are really looking forward to this new chapter in our history. If you have any questions or queries don’t hesitate to contact us.

Hydria Water

When collaborations leads to global contracts

Together with one of our retailers, we have signed a contract in New Zealand’s third largest city; Christchurch.

Several step type screens will this autumn be delivered to the wastewater treatment plant in the city, which purifies 190 million litres of water per day from households, companies, industries and stores.

The contract has been signed through a long established relation and well implemented collaborations by previously deliveries together with our retailer. At Hydria Water, we see a significant value in our global network of partners with long experiences in the industry. These partners enable us to deliver our products to several different parts of the world, together.

Hydria Water Nya Zeeland

The mobile inlet screen system – keeping capacity and reduces the environmental impact

Our container solution with mobile screening enables capacity to be retained during inspection or maintenance of a wastewater treatment plant.
It’s also suitable at times when the capacity needs to be extended during a limited period, for example, when large seasonal variations may occur. This solution is trail-blazing and customizable with fast and easy delivery and installation which ensures the operation with maintained capacity.

The mobile screening is also a great complement during maintenance of wastewater treatment plants when to ordinary inlet needs to be closed. In this situation, the temporary treatment is separated from any construction areas or similar to reduce the environmental impact which otherwise usually occurs during temporary downtime.

Since the launch in 2018, the containers have been used in several places in the Nordics to handle different types of situations where the solution has been adapted in terms of functions and time period.

– We see growing interest and potential in the use of this plug and play solution. We are now working with developing the technology and solutions and look forward to soon being able to present it to our customers. Our goal is to be the preferred partner and to offer the finest solution, says Andreas Riedel, CTO at Hydria Water.

If you want to know more, have questions regarding the solution, or need help with servicing or maintenance – please contact us!

Hydria Water

Large contracts in eastern Europe for Hydria Water

During the last months, Hydria Water has, together with partners, signed new contracts for larger sized projects in Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Bulgaria.

– We have collaborated with both new and, for us, previously known partners. These collaborations has resulted in fast and agile decisions. Now we have noteworthy deliveries ahead, says Seada Mujcinagic, technical sales at Hydria Water.

Both fine screens and coarse screens will be delivered during AW 2021, in a total of 20 machines. These projects are therefore some of our largest in eastern Europe this year.

Hydria Water

Hydria Water won public procurement for Örebro Municipality

After winning a public procurement, we have produced new chain scrapers for Örebro Municipality’s largest water treatment plant, Skebäcksverket.

– There were four other suppliers competing in the public procurement. We were chosen because we had the most competitive price in relation to the high quality we offer on our solutions. The municipality also knew us from before since we have delivered products for a similar project a couple of years back that turned out well, says Philip Carlsson, sales manager at Hydria Water.

The project has been ongoing since April 2021 and the machines have now been delivered to Skebäcksverket. In addition to the delivery, we are also responsible for commissioning and education for the staff, which is currently being implemented. A project that we are proud of being a part of.

Örebro Hydria Water

Wooden scrapers from 1972 put out to pasture

Vidön Wastewater Treatment Plant in Hammarö Municipality, Sweden, had four sets of wooden scrapers in operation dating from 1972, which were past their best. The high quality of previous deliveries led the municipality to contact Hydria Water to find out what a modernised solution might look like.

The replacements were designed based on feedback from workers at the facility regarding equipment and technical specifications. For Hydria Water, the project involved removing the old scrapers and delivering and installing four new plastic chain scrapers.

Today, the Vidön Wastewater Treatment Plant has been modernised, with a well-thought-out and sustainable solution in place.

Hydria Water Vidön reningsverk