Borås boasts some of the cleanest sewage water in the world

The Municipality of Borås has a clear strategy for continuing to develop and expand the city in a sustainable way, and at the heart of this is the development of infrastructure. The wastewater treatment plant is an integral part of the infrastructure strategy, as its capacity and efficiency determine whether the city is able to meet the demands of both the present and future.

We at Hydria Water are proud not only of our part in this trailblazing work, but of the fact that our operations base is located in a city that takes sustainability and clean water seriously.

With a new wastewater treatment plant and a combined heat and power plant powered by biofuel, Borås became equipped for the demands of the future back in the latter part of 2019. The new wastewater treatment plant, named Sobacken, enables a greater quantity of wastewater to be treated at any given time, while simultaneously maintaining emissions of nitrogen, phosphorus, and organic matter at record-low levels. The environmental impact will decrease drastically, and Borås now has some of the cleanest wastewater in the world. What’s more, the combined heat and power plant will produce environmentally friendly heating and renewable electricity for the inhabitants of Borås for many years to come.

– It feels great to have invested in the future in such a secure way, with facilities that can produce heat and electricity to a world-class standard, Anders Ygeman, Swedish Minister for Energy and Digital Development, says. Anders attended the opening of the Sobacken plant together with Jennie Nilsson, Minister for Rural Affairs.

Hydria Water’s products are used in several parts of the plant, and among other things we have delivered grit trap scrapers, scum pipes, outlet weirs, sedimentation scrapers, and machines with Actiflo technology, which is a purification process developed by Veolia Water Technologies.

Borås Sobacken Hydria Water vattenrening
Picture: Borås Energi & Miljö