When collaborations leads to global contracts

Together with one of our retailers, we have signed a contract in New Zealand’s third largest city; Christchurch.

Several step type screens will this autumn be delivered to the wastewater treatment plant in the city, which purifies 190 million litres of water per day from households, companies, industries and stores.

The contract has been signed through a long established relation and well implemented collaborations by previously deliveries together with our retailer. At Hydria Water, we see a significant value in our global network of partners with long experiences in the industry. These partners enable us to deliver our products to several different parts of the world, together.

Hydria Water Nya Zeeland

The mobile inlet screen system – keeping capacity and reduces the environmental impact

Our container solution with mobile screening enables capacity to be retained during inspection or maintenance of a wastewater treatment plant.
It’s also suitable at times when the capacity needs to be extended during a limited period, for example, when large seasonal variations may occur. This solution is trail-blazing and customizable with fast and easy delivery and installation which ensures the operation with maintained capacity.

The mobile screening is also a great complement during maintenance of wastewater treatment plants when to ordinary inlet needs to be closed. In this situation, the temporary treatment is separated from any construction areas or similar to reduce the environmental impact which otherwise usually occurs during temporary downtime.

Since the launch in 2018, the containers have been used in several places in the Nordics to handle different types of situations where the solution has been adapted in terms of functions and time period.

– We see growing interest and potential in the use of this plug and play solution. We are now working with developing the technology and solutions and look forward to soon being able to present it to our customers. Our goal is to be the preferred partner and to offer the finest solution, says Andreas Riedel, CTO at Hydria Water.

If you want to know more, have questions regarding the solution, or need help with servicing or maintenance – please contact us!

Hydria Water

Large contracts in eastern Europe for Hydria Water

During the last months, Hydria Water has, together with partners, signed new contracts for larger sized projects in Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Bulgaria.

– We have collaborated with both new and, for us, previously known partners. These collaborations has resulted in fast and agile decisions. Now we have noteworthy deliveries ahead, says Seada Mujcinagic, technical sales at Hydria Water.

Both fine screens and coarse screens will be delivered during AW 2021, in a total of 20 machines. These projects are therefore some of our largest in eastern Europe this year.

Hydria Water

Hydria Water won public procurement for Örebro Municipality

After winning a public procurement, we have produced new chain scrapers for Örebro Municipality’s largest water treatment plant, Skebäcksverket.

– There were four other suppliers competing in the public procurement. We were chosen because we had the most competitive price in relation to the high quality we offer on our solutions. The municipality also knew us from before since we have delivered products for a similar project a couple of years back that turned out well, says Philip Carlsson, sales manager at Hydria Water.

The project has been ongoing since April 2021 and the machines have now been delivered to Skebäcksverket. In addition to the delivery, we are also responsible for commissioning and education for the staff, which is currently being implemented. A project that we are proud of being a part of.

Örebro Hydria Water

Wooden scrapers from 1972 put out to pasture

Vidön Wastewater Treatment Plant in Hammarö Municipality, Sweden, had four sets of wooden scrapers in operation dating from 1972, which were past their best. The high quality of previous deliveries led the municipality to contact Hydria Water to find out what a modernised solution might look like.

The replacements were designed based on feedback from workers at the facility regarding equipment and technical specifications. For Hydria Water, the project involved removing the old scrapers and delivering and installing four new plastic chain scrapers.

Today, the Vidön Wastewater Treatment Plant has been modernised, with a well-thought-out and sustainable solution in place.

Hydria Water Vidön reningsverk

New gravity thickener at Kungsängsverket, Uppsala

Kungsängsverket is the largest of Uppsala Vatten’s wastewater treatment plants. It treats the wastewater generated in the area, including by homes and companies, and purifies roughly 20 million cubic metres of sewage water annually.

Due to the fact that Kungsängsverket’s entire heavy-duty purification step will need to be replaced in the next few years, Uppsala Vatten will need to make significant investments in the near future. In order for the rebuilding for the new heavy-duty purification step to take place, several other processes at the wastewater treatment plant needed to be upgraded. We were asked to develop a solution in which two rotating sludge scrapers, which had not been in operation for many years, were upgraded to centrally driven rotating gravity thickeners. The new machines have a hanging mounting system, so in order to install them Hydria Water manufactured new bridges with a truss construction.

The project was carried out in collaboration with Miva Montage AB, and installation took place in early 2021. The new gravity thickeners have been placed in the tanks just inside the entrance gates to the wastewater treatment plant, so are the first things a visitor is greeted by when they arrive.

Hydria Water Kungsängsverket Uppsala Miva Montage

Faithful old machine replaced with modern Multi Rake MR at Stora Enso

Stora Enso’s Skoghall papermill purchased two mechanical-rake screens in 1972, and in 2014 one of these was replaced with a modern Multi Rake MR from Mellegård & Naij.

Nearly fifty years after the delivery of the original screens, the time came to replace the second screen with two new units. As the papermill had increased its production since the 1970s and thus the amount of pulp that needed to be raked from the channel, two screens had to be installed in place of the previous one. With two screens in the channel, the papermill now has a greater capacity and higher operational dependability as a result of the redundancy provided by the increased number of screens.

In connection with the delivery, the previous screen was moved to an adjacent channel and the two new ones were installed in the same place as the 2014 screen. Hydria Water had overall responsibility for dismantling, moving, and assembly work in order to ensure that the project met the requirements relating to operational dependability and that work was completed during the short window during which production at the mill was halted.

Stora Enso Hydria Water

Innovation of the month at the Hydria Group

The Hydria Group, to which Hydria Water belongs, is founded on the concepts of development and innovation. Together, we are working towards a better environment, a better and safer indoor climate, and a cleaner world. Hydria Lab – the Group’s own innovation team – exists in order to continue to develop the Group and its companies.

The team, which consists of several employees from each company, meets on a monthly basis and discusses development possibilities and innovation ideas – all with the purpose of improving the Hydria Group. To motivate these discussions, an award is given each month for the best suggestion for an innovation.

For us at Hydria Water, this means that we are inspired to work internally to advance innovation and development both when it comes to the development of our products and services and in connection to our organisation in general. This is something that we see as being of immediate interest in relation to the work of developing our new production facility. One very good example of an innovation that received the award is our ongoing project to recycle the water being used during the testing of our machines.

Hydria Water Hydria Group innovation

Hydria Water’s solutions purify the Kapellskär Archipelago

Kapellskär is a large and important port for the Norrtälje area, and the upgrading of machinery at the wastewater treatment plant there will benefit the entire Baltic Sea and the municipality’s large settlement on the archipelago. Through a close collaboration with Purac, Hydria Water has developed an innovative technological solution that provides an efficient separation within a relatively small physical footprint.

– The process of delivering, installing, and making operational the equipment for the Kapellskär plant was a very interesting and rewarding challenge. Our channel filters provide an enormous flow capacity, a very high degree of separation, a short operating time, minimal wear on both the equipment we installed and that of the following stages of the process, and a very compact footprint, Johan Fritz, Sales Engineer at Hydria Water, says.

The machine will be optimised using a variable frequency drive to control the channel filters. This means that the speed of the drum screen and brush are dependent on what is filtered from the incoming pipe, the flow rate, and the levels reached in the machines’ containers. The installation is a system solution and market-leading design, yielding the largest efficient filtration area of all perforated machines on the market. This innovative design ensures that no polluted water passes through the screen and reaches the Baltic Sea.

Hydria Water has had overall responsibility for the installation, startup, and training relating to the equipment delivered. In all likelihood our solution is the most efficient perforated screening equipment on the market for this application, and will go a long way towards ensuring that the Kapellskär Archipelago is as clean as it can possibly be.

Kapellskärs Skärgård Hydria Water

Hydria Water equips yet another wastewater treatment plant in the Scandinavian mountains

With the arrival of the summer, many of us look to spend our vacation time in new tourist destinations and on novel activities. Northern Sweden, with its magnificent nature and wealth of experiences and activities, attracts an increasing number of visitors. We are happy to be part of yet another project in which we are participating in the design of a wastewater treatment plant that will deal with increasing variation between the seasons in new and innovative ways.

The Ransby wastewater treatment plant in Branäs, like many wastewater treatment plants which are expected to deal with a varying load over the course of the year, faces great challenges in terms of dimensioning, as it needs to be a well-functioning facility throughout the year. Hydria Water has been involved in similar projects before in the mountain villages of Bydalen and Storlien, in the Municipality of Åre.

For the Branäs project, Hydria Water will deliver and install chain scrapers, motor-driven scum pipes, and outlet and collector weirs for all of the clarifying tanks, along with two rotating distributors for the trickling filters, in collaboration with our partner Aquasvea, who will provide machine contracting services.

Fjällen Ransby Hydria Water