Comprehensive solution for the new Norefjell waste water treatment plant

At present, a new municipal waste water treatment plant is being built in Norefjell, Norway, for biological and chemical purification. The waste water treatment plant is dimensioned for a load of 10,000 , and capable of dealing with a very large seasonal variation, with high loads during the skiing and summer seasons. Hydria Water has signed an agreement with Krüger Kaldnes AS to deliver a comprehensive solution, including almost all of the mechanical equipment that exists between the inlet and outlet of the waste water treatment plant, such as spiral screens, sludge scrapers, sludge receivers, conveyors, .

– Hydria Water assisted in the planning of the waste water treatment plant, and worked closely with Krüger Kaldnes over the course of 18 months. We will support Krüger Kaldnes this summer by, among other things, supervising the installation. It is a great advantage for the client to be able to source most of their purchases of mechanical parts for the waste water teratment plant from one supplier, and this is an excellent and interesting reference case for us and our clients: through this project, we are able to show just how broad our range of products is, Philip Carlsson, Sales Engineer at Hydria Water, says.

The products will be sent from Hydria Water over the coming weeks, and be installed this summer. The facility is planned to be operational by the end of the year.