Creating the servicing organisation of the future

In order to be able to offer our clients the best possible service, Hydria Water is investing in and creating an entirely new servicing and aftermarket department. Our new additions Jörgen Edelmalm and Peter Rosén Tengling are directing these efforts, and both have long experience in servicing and technology.

– There is a great potential in the aftermarket for these kinds of products. Our new servicing organisation is our way of preparing for the future and will ensure we are able to provide world-class service!

Jörgen Edelmalm has the role of Service Coordinator at Hydria Water; he previously worked as a workshop manager at Processmodul and ELVA ProcessAutomation AB, both located in Motala, Sweden.

– I’ve installed both VA Teknik Sweden’s and Mellegård & Naij’s products in the past, and know the brand well. I enjoy working in this industry as I feel that it produces high-quality products and think the people are great to work with. My primary motivation is developing an organisation and being a problem solver – that’s something I’m passionate about, Jörgen says, and continues:

– The client should not have to contact us; we should anticipate their needs and set up a structure to prevent production delays by, for example, digitalising processes.

Jörgen is based in Motala, where he and the newly recruited service team have moved into new offices on the premises of Rasch, which is part of the Hydria Group. At present the service team consists of three people, but the plan is to expand the team and recruitment is ongoing.

Peter Rosén Tengling began his tenure as Aftermarket Manager on October 1, 2020, and works closely with Jörgen.

– We are carrying out this mission together, as a team – Jörgen has an enormous amount of experience! My role is working from a long-term perspective, building up an entirely new organisation, and having overall strategic responsibility.

Peter has worked in sales throughout his professional career. Between 2006 and 2013 he ran his own company, Roséns glascenter (‘Rosén’s Glass Centre’), which was sold to Ryds Glas, to which he provided consultancy services in public procurement.

– I had heard a great many positive things about the company, and that the Hydria Group has strong foundations. My goal is for us to be the first choice on the marketplace when people are looking for excellent service, regardless of machine and supplier. Now, we are preparing for the future, and want to ensure that we are able to provide world-class service!

servicing organisation of the future