Energy-efficient chain scrapers for FORS A/S in collaboration with Krüger

In close collaboration with Krüger, we recently manufactured chain scrapers for the Danish utilities company FORS A/S and the Bjergmarken wastewater treatment plant outside Roskilde, Denmark. The old chain scrapers, which were also manufactured by Hydria Water (then VA Teknik), were worn out after 25 long years in operation; the new ones are made of plastic, and have been paired with drive motors with a plastic chain transmission.

– The new scrapers are efficient and require almost no maintenance. Thanks to their low weight a smaller drive motor can be used, which in turn requires less power. This makes the solution more energy-efficient, Søren Juul Hansen, Sales Manager at Krüger, says.

As Krüger is certified according to the UN’s sustainable development goals, all of the involved parties were required to meet high sustainability requirements throughout the replacement process.  Thanks to our products being of very high quality and having very long lifespans and our constant focus on the development of components, Hydria Water fulfilled these requirements.

– We have, for example, decreased the amount of plastic used in the wearshoes by 45%, without shortening their lifespan. The product thus contributes to the companies’ sustainability efforts in terms of circular economy, which is of huge importance to us, Ellen Gremo, Marketing Manager at Hydria Water, says.

We want to thank FORS A/S and Krüger for a productive and interesting collaboration which focused on sustainability and energy-efficiency, and produced a successful end result.

Photo: Krüger