Faithful old machine replaced with modern Multi Rake MR at Stora Enso

Stora Enso’s Skoghall papermill purchased two mechanical-rake screens in 1972, and in 2014 one of these was replaced with a modern Multi Rake MR from Mellegård & Naij.

Nearly fifty years after the delivery of the original screens, the time came to replace the second screen with two new units. As the papermill had increased its production since the 1970s and thus the amount of pulp that needed to be raked from the channel, two screens had to be installed in place of the previous one. With two screens in the channel, the papermill now has a greater capacity and higher operational dependability as a result of the redundancy provided by the increased number of screens.

In connection with the delivery, the previous screen was moved to an adjacent channel and the two new ones were installed in the same place as the 2014 screen. Hydria Water had overall responsibility for dismantling, moving, and assembly work in order to ensure that the project met the requirements relating to operational dependability and that work was completed during the short window during which production at the mill was halted.

Stora Enso Hydria Water