From three to one, Hydria Water’s journey of development from good to better

In January 2022, Hydria Water gathered the brands Mellegård & Naij and VA Teknik Sweden AB under one umbrella brand. The three companies had worked together for a long time and have now become one, and Hydria Water thereby strengthens its position as a leading manufacturer of water purification products, both in Sweden and internationally.

– It has been an enormously rewarding, exciting, and inspiring journey so far, and now we continue forward – together! Merging three companies increases the ability to work as a team, while creating space for new constellations and opportunities. The boundaries we were previously so good at working across are blurred, now that we all work for the same company, says Ellen Gremo, Marketing Manager, Hydria Water.

Throughout the merger, the focus has been on going from good to better, and by merging and utilizing the expertise of three sister companies, Hydria Water has strengthened both its offer and its leading position in the market. The goal is always to offer customers the best solutions for sustainable water purification.

– We are now seeing how the work to create tomorrow’s Hydria Water is starting to be noticed and is reaching our customers, not least thanks to the great commitment of our employees in the work for change. Our common driving force is to constantly develop and be able to offer our customers, and the market, the best possible expertise, solutions, and service. It is the joy of doing this together that drives us. A lot of work has been done already, but we still have some ways to go. Of course, it motivates us a bit extra that the changes we make are received so well and really appreciated by our customers.

During this fall, work will continue to implement the new brand platform and the changes and development of the company’s identity, which are already beginning to be seen in various channels.

– When three companies become one, it is more important than ever that the brand reflects the collective values ​​and that these are boiled down to a joint offer that everyone can buy into, internally as well as externally. By coming together, we become stronger than ever, and this is foremost expressed in our watchwords; Approachable, Competent, and Foresighted. These values ​​have previously also defined the spirit of all three companies, but now we have specifically selected these three as watchwords. It creates clarity both for our customers and ourselves for how we work together towards a common vision, says Ellen Gremo.