From wastewater to resource

Being able to restore water to its natural state is a very important concern in today’s society, all over the world. A warmer and drier climate with less rain and longer periods of drought means that the need for circular water purification processes is extremely great. Clean water is a valuable and crucial resource that needs to be taken care of at all stages of its cycle.

Hydria Water’s products and solutions for separation and water treatment transform wastewater into new resources in sustainable, circular processes. This takes place over several steps, from the initial separation to final filtration, wastewater is cleaned of particles and the sludge that is ultimately left behind can become energy in the form of biogas. The purified water can then be returned to our oceans, lakes, and waterways without compromising our future water quality.

In this way, Hydria Water’s products and solutions enable wastewater to be transformed into a valuable resource. Through Swedish manufacturing, high competence, and a curiosity for the future, we create quality products with a focus on society’s future.

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