Great synergy when aftermarket and sales work together

When the municipally owned company Roslagsvatten needed to renovate its facility in Blynäs, Hydria Water was once again entrusted to carry out both the inspections and deliveries of new parts.

In recent years, Hydria Water has delivered, among other things, scrapers, screens, and filters to Roslagsvatten’s various facilities, while also having responsibility for regular service. During a routine service inspection at the Blynäs facility, it was discovered that, among other things, three chain scrapers needed to be renovated, says Jörgen Edelman, Service Manager, Hydria Water.

– Thanks to good cooperation with Roslagsvatten’s staff in Blynäs and smooth internal processes, Hydria Water was able to quickly get both proposals, quotes, and spare parts on site and reduce the risk of an outage, says Johan Fritz, Technical Account Manager, Hydria Water.

Roslagsvatten drew attention to Hydria Water’s rapid efforts in a post on LinkedIn, a nice acknowledgement of commitment, knowledge, and service creating customer value both in the short and long term.