High-quality Swedish manufacturing and sustainable solutions within the Hydria Group

At Hydria Water, we believe in high-quality Swedish manufacturing and sustainable solutions. These watchwords are shared by all of the companies in the Hydria Group. The group has a strong focus on the environment and was founded in 1994, and since then has strongly invested in the development of the business areas of Water, Forest, Ventilation, and IT & advertising, resulting in a great deal of success. We are both proud and grateful to be part of such a well-established group which has strong values and a leading position on the international market. 

One of the many strengths of being part of this group is that we are able to exchange a great deal of personnel, information, and ideas between the companies, because as whole we possess a wide array of knowledge of different industries. Over the years the development of water-purification solutions has progressed, and much of this development is owing to the well-established group behind Hydria Water. We continue to look to the future and are now working to lay the foundations for further innovation and take the next step in our development journey.

The Hydria Group’s strategy for the future is to continue to grow through the use of modern production technology, innovation work, product development, and well-adapted facilities. Our long-term goal is to become an innovation group that works with new materials and the idea of a circular economy. Together, we are working towards a better environment, a better and safer indoor climate, and a cleaner world.

To learn more, please visit the Hydria Group’s website, which is a great resource for learning about the industries and companies involved.

Hydria Water