Improve the quality of the washing process with Wash Press Gamma WPG

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Welcome to Hydria Water.

Hydria Water delivers quality products for waste watertreatment. With Swedish innovation and quality, energy efficient products and sustainable solutions, we strive to be the preferred choice and provide the wastewater treatment of tomorrow.

All the hard work that we put in today contributes to our vision, a cleaner world.

Latest news

Record order for Hydria Water

05-Sep-2023   In early summer, it was decided that the equipment for the world’s most advanced wastewater treatment plant, Sickla treatment […]

Renovation of pre-sedimentation at Källby wastewater treatment plant

24-Aug-2023   In October 2022, Hydria Water conducted an inspection of pre-sedimentation sludge scrapers at the Källby wastewater treatment plant located […]

An above-ground solution to Iceland to meet more stringent demands on wastewater treatment

05-May-2023   The proposal from the European Commission for a new wastewater directive outlines tougher and more demands for wastewater treatment. […]

Challenges drive us forward. Our innovative solutions make your work more efficient.

By manufacturing all products at our Swedish site, with top-class competence and a curious eye on the future, we play our part in transforming wastewater into a resource.

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