Hydria Challenge 2022: Tjörn Runt

On Saturday the 20th of August, several of Hydria Water’s employees participated in this year’s Hydria Challenge, which took us on a sailing trip in Sweden’s beautiful archipelago, the “Tjörn runt” race. Hydria Challenge is part of Hydria Group’s wellness program Hydria Må Bra, which aims to encourage a healthy lifestyle for employees and provides the opportunity to try a variety of physical activities. This can range from lunchtime walks to padel and golf, but on this hot summer day, sailing was on the agenda.

Tjörn Runt is a sailing competition which has been organized since 1963, where Olympic champions, beginners, and family sailors alike compete on the same track. This year, Hydria Group entered the race with three boats, and employees from several companies in the group participated. Each boat had an experienced skipper from the group company Aquaevent at the helm and the crew consisted of both experienced and less experienced sailors from the other companies.

It was an eventful day at sea, where both our endurance and teamwork were put to the test. Sailing can offer many surprises and one of the crews had to really step up as things suddenly started to get out of hand.

Through products and solutions, Hydria Water contributes towards cleaner water and achieving better conditions for a sustainable environment. This opportunity to sail in the beautiful Swedish archipelago motivates us to continue working towards turning wastewater into a resource, every day.