Hydria Invest AB acquires Mellegård & Naij AB

As a step to strengthen VA Teknik AB and prepare the company for a faster international expansion, Hydria Invest AB has signed an agreement on an acquisition of all shares of Mellegård & Naij AB.

-Our expectation is that the two companies can grow together by combining their unique features. There is no competition between the companies , rather a completion like a jigsaw puzzle. New distribution channels, additional product range, efficient production in Skövde and a powerful marketing organisation will make 2015 an exiting year, says the Managing Director of Hydria Invest, Micael Barrstrand.

Mellegård & Naij AB is a Swedish company, designing, manufacturing and selling mechanical equipment for water cleaning and waste handling.The production is based in Skövde, employing 18 people, whereas the sales office is located in Kungsbacka.

The market for the products is global and 80 % of the sales, in total 3 million Euro, is exported.The product range consists of around 20 items, whereof the step type screen, Cross Screen XS, is the bestseller and wellknown as one of the most reliable products. Mellegård & Naij AB was established in 2002 by Per Mellegård och Stefan Naij who will both continue as managers for the company.

-We believe that Hydria Invest can support us in taking the the company to the next level. We want to grow together and start a close cooperation with VA Teknik through joint sales activities, training, product development and coordinated production resources, says Managing Director Per Mellegård.