Hydria Water collaborates with the mountain villages of Storlien and Bydalen

Over the course of 2020, Hydria Water delivered and installed a new wastewater treatment plant in the village of Bydalen in Åre municipality in northern Sweden. The municipality is now continuing in the same vein by building another in the village of Storlien.

The existing wastewater treatment plant has reached its maximum capacity, and an investment in a new plant is a crucial step in maintaining the municipality’s current rate of development and attractiveness as a place to live and visit. Because of this, all local development plans and expansions have been put on hold for the past five years. The building of the new wastewater treatment plant is an important event for both Storlien as a village and the municipality as a whole with regard to continued development of housing and infrastructure.

The project will be almost a carbon-copy of the one in Bydalen. For both projects, 3D construction software was used to support communication; this facilitated communication to a very high degree, as is shown by the results of the first project.

– The communication between the commissioner, project manager, project planner, and machinery supplier has been greatly facilitated by the 3D construction process software. When our partners have needed to make changes to the plan, we were able to communicate these based on a common understanding of the state of the project in order to optimise installation and assembly times. We have made best possible use of the various partners’ competences in order to achieve as successful and efficient an installation as possible, Andreas Riedel, CTO of Hydria Water, says.

The new wastewater treatment plant in Storlien will have a similar tank design and the same number of sludge scrapers, scum pipes, and outlet weirs as the one in Bydalen. Assembly and installation will be carried out in May/June 2021.