Hydria Water equips yet another wastewater treatment plant in the Scandinavian mountains

With the arrival of the summer, many of us look to spend our vacation time in new tourist destinations and on novel activities. Northern Sweden, with its magnificent nature and wealth of experiences and activities, attracts an increasing number of visitors. We are happy to be part of yet another project in which we are participating in the design of a wastewater treatment plant that will deal with increasing variation between the seasons in new and innovative ways.

The Ransby wastewater treatment plant in Branäs, like many wastewater treatment plants which are expected to deal with a varying load over the course of the year, faces great challenges in terms of dimensioning, as it needs to be a well-functioning facility throughout the year. Hydria Water has been involved in similar projects before in the mountain villages of Bydalen and Storlien, in the Municipality of Åre.

For the Branäs project, Hydria Water will deliver and install chain scrapers, motor-driven scum pipes, and outlet and collector weirs for all of the clarifying tanks, along with two rotating distributors for the trickling filters, in collaboration with our partner Aquasvea, who will provide machine contracting services.

Fjällen Ransby Hydria Water