Hydria Water helps streamline the workflow of industrial customers

Hydria Water recently installed a Cross Screen XS and Wash Press TP at a slaughterhouse in Linköping. The mission was to improve the flow of daily operations and reduce the workload for the employees at the slaughterhouse.

– The wash press has compressed the amount of water considerably and the cross screen has meant a more efficient workflow. Earlier, the customer needed to empty their screens seven to eight times per day, now they only need to empty it seven to eight times a week, says Jörgen Edelmalm, Service Manager at Hydria Water.

High quality water treatment processes can result in lower costs for industries as less waste has to be sent to treatment plants.

– By installing a wash press, a large amount of water is compressed. The cross screen caches the waste, which in this case comes from the operations of the slaughterhouse, but these products can effectively be used in many industries where there are high demands on particle separation and water purification, says Jörgen Edelmalm.

In this case, the benefit of the installation for the customer could be seen immediately, and it is a noticeable difference.

– The number of cleanings needed has been reduced drastically and, in terms of work, it has been a clear improvement for the slaughterhouse’s employees as the amount of manual labor required has been significantly reduced. Instead, the workflow became more efficient, and the installation brought about a significant improvement for our customer. In addition, the investment will pay for itself after seven to nine months, which is another important factor, says Jörgen Edelmalm.

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