Hydria Water launches a new concept for product names

Hydria Water presents a new naming convention for products, Alpha to Omega. The new concept is part of the ongoing process of solidifying the brand’s identity, following the merging of Mellegård & Naij and VA Teknik Sweden into Hydria Water in January this year.

– Since three companies have now become one and we have come together under a strong common brand, we also want the products to follow a consistent and uniform path, which reflects what Hydria Water stands for. By choosing the concept Alpha to Omega, we show that we are constantly looking ahead and are focused on constant development and innovation, says Ellen Gremo, Marketing Manager, Hydria Water.

The naming convention being on the Greek alphabet comes from the fact that “Hydria” itself is a Greek word.

– Hydria is a special kind of ancient Greek water vessel with three handles, one on each side and one in the middle between them, for stability when pouring from the vessel. The symbolism of the three handles is especially clear now that three companies have become one, we have all gathered in the same Hydria, says Ellen Gremo.

All new products developed and manufactured by Hydria Water will continue to be named using letters from the Greek alphabet. First up was the new Sand Washer Alpha SWA, which was launched just before the summer. It is a new, market-unique solution developed in collaboration with Alpha Solutions, a world-leading company in CFD simulations, to optimize the functionality of the sand washer. As a result, we have now been able to increase both efficiency and the degree of purity throughout the process. Over the course of the rest of the year, more products and solutions will be rolled out.

Digital Beta, the second product under the new naming concept, is a digital solution that Hydria Water has developed to simplify the management and control of the processes that are currently being tested.

Later this fall, the new Wash Press Gamma WPG will also be introduced. It will then become the third Hydria Water product to be named according to the new concept.

– Wash Press Gamma, which we look forward to telling you more about soon, is a revolutionary solution where the utilization of power in existing facilities is optimized, which provides enormous customer benefits, says Andreas Riedel, CTO, Hydria Water.

– With this launch, we have also brought in our newly developed machines under the Hydria Water brand. This is an important part of the effort to solidify Hydria Water’s new identity for the market and our customers and to also show that we are ready to offer solutions in water treatment with society’s future needs in focus, says Ellen Gremo, Marketing Manager, Hydria Water.

Products that are part of the existing assortment from Mellegård & Naij and VA Teknik Sweden, respectively, will retain their current product designations.