Hydria Water lives up to the Canadian market’s high demands for water purification

Hydria Water is focused on growth in many export markets and during 2022, there has been a particularly positive development in the Canadian market. Together with our local partner, we have over the years delivered no less than 340 machines within the framework of over 150 different projects. The deliveries consist of entire systems for water purification as well as individual machines for various projects.

The success in Canada is largely due to a long-term and good collaboration with Hydria Water’s local partner, but also to the fact that the requirements of the Canadian market to a large extent overlaps with the high requirements for water treatment that prevail in Sweden.

– Our quality products are a good match for the Canadian market and thanks to the fine local collaboration, we can effectively create qualitative and innovative solutions within the framework of the joint projects, says Sophia Nilsson, Technical Account Manager-North and South America at Hydria Water.

In a growing export market where water purification has an increasingly important place on the agenda, Hydria Water can contribute to good and efficient management of wastewater on both a local and global level. This makes Hydria Water a reliable, knowledgeable, and forward-thinking partner for a long-term and sustainable water supply in more and more places in the world.