Hydria Water safeguards the wellbeing of its staff

At Hydria Water we have a strong belief in the importance of the wellbeing of our staff and we feel that a key part of this is ensuring that people feel able to take an active break and engage in exercise while at work. This is an ethos that the Hydria Group has actively prioritised since 2017, and is a broad, long-term, and active focus across all of the companies of the Group. The project is entitled Hydria Må Bra (Hydria Be Well).

– The purpose of the Hydria Må Bra project is to increase motivation to engage in beneficial everyday exercise through a wide variety of activities such as organised cycling events and lunchtime walks. This is intended to increase enjoyment of the working day, Tor-Björn Danielsson, CEO of the Hydria Group, says.

In addition to improving the health of our staff, the project is also intended to ensure that, in spite of the different industries and cities in which the companies of the Hydria Water Group are active, the Group as a whole is brought closer together. Some activities are planned for individual companies, while others are Group-wide or can be attended by all Group employees in a given city.

During Spring 2021, the activities included walks, lectures, and events such as mountain biking.

Hydria Må Bra Hydria Water lunchpromenad medarbetare