Hydria Water solved the customer’s challenge – decanting tank water for irrigation of southern French plantations

Hydria Water has delivered equipment and expertise to a water treatment plant in southern France. The installation is part of an irrigation solution for the area’s many farms, and thanks to the new facility, water can now efficiently be converted into new resources.

– Water shortages and droughts have highlighted the need to convert used water into new resources, this puts a higher demand on facilities. When sludge scrapers in a wastewater-treatment plants move, surface and bottom sludge is formed which has to be collected for the final product to reach the required purification properties, in this case the irrigation of crops, says Seada Mujcinagic, Technical Account Manager Europe at Hydria Water.

Hydria Water’s solution included the delivery and installation of two chain scrapers, model VAT YB, supplemented with two decanting chutes to ensure that even the surface sludge formed during the scraping process could be easily separated. The delivery also included our installation and service agreement, Supervision, which promises the assistance of Hydria Water’s technicians with installation, commissioning, service, and continuous support.

– Unfortunately, the installation and commissioning of the first settling tank of the project took place during a period of covid restrictions, which meant that we could not be on site. However, Hydria Water’s Martin Jingnäs and Jörgen Edelmalm provided help over phone and video calls throughout the process. Thanks to good cooperation and a high level of service, the first stage went very well.

When Jörgen Edelmalm from Hydria Water was able to visit the plant in conjunction with the installation of the second basin, he stated that the installation was very well done, a testament to the collaboration having worked well.

Since the facility was put into operation, everything has worked exactly as intended, without any problems, and efficiently.

– I’m very happy that Hydria Water has managed to solve this customer’s challenge so well, despite the challenge of providing guidance for the installation remotely. The greatest and most important effect is that the new separation plant now can produce water to such a high degree of purification that, even with the highest environmental considerations in mind, it is suited for the irrigation of various crops in southern France, says Seada Mujcinagic, Hydria Water.

Hydria Water develops, manufactures, and delivers all its products and solutions with focus on adaptation to the customer’s needs and requirements to the highest possible degree of separation.

– Combing our efficient, adapted chain scraper with decanting chutes has meant that the facility in southern France now has the best conditions for separating all the different materials and substances found in the sludge. Everything is separated “into the right pile”. Hydria Water has delivered a solution that uses resources in an optimal way and contributes to a cleaner world.

At the new facility, the client is very satisfied with both the equipment, service, and support from Hydria Water.

– The customer is very satisfied. Even though Hydria Water could not be on site for the first stage of the project, the work progressed exactly as it should, thanks to dedicated, experienced, competent, and flexible employees and good cooperation.

Seada Mujcinagic is overall very satisfied with how the project went.

– It’s wonderful to see that the facility works so well and, in all aspects, meets the requirements of the assignment and the customer’s wishes. I usually say that you’re “not buying a headache” when you choose Hydria Water as a supplier, and that is especially true in this case, says Seada Mujcinagic.