Improved sludge removal using plastic chain scrapers at Tekniska Verken

The tanks are 40 meters long and 5 meters wide.

Tekniska Verken’s Nykvarnsverket wastewater treatment plant in Linköping was built in 1952, and since then has been rebuilt and expanded in various phases. In 2017 a new purification step that removes drug residues from wastewater using ozone was introduced, and Nykvarnsverket thus became Sweden’s largest full-scale facility for the removal of drug residues from wastewater.

Yet another upgrade of the facility is currently ongoing, and involves replacing the plant’s with new plastic chain & flight scrapers made by VA Teknik Sweden.

– Sludge removal will be more efficient and the machines will require significantly less maintenance, Hansi Gerhardsson at Hydria Water says.

– We have just delivered and installed the first four of a total of thirteen chain & flight scrapers using our own installation technicians.

The remaining nine chain & flight scrapers will be delivered over the course of the next year, and the total order value amounts to roughly four million SEK.