Information Hydria Water Covid-19

Hydria Water is staying updated on the development of Covid-19 on a day-to-day basis, and is following the recommendations issued by the Public Health Agency of Sweden. Our production and sales services are currently operating as normal, and production, deliveries, and servicing of equipment for water reclamation plants is continuing.

–Our operations are still up and running, although we have put in placeheightened precautionary measures. We want to take this opportunity to urge everyone to mind what you flush down your toilets. Unlike toilet paper, kitchen roll paper and wet wipes do not dissolve in water, and can easily clump together and blockpipes and pumps, causing unnecessary blockages in sewagedisposal systems, Andreas Riedel, Technical Manager at Hydria Water, says.

Our sales team remain available to providequotations, technical support, or advice with regard to projecting!

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