Large order from Cheung Sha Wan Wholesale Food Market

Cheung Sha Wan is a large food market in central Hong Kong to which Hydria Water is to deliver four Centerscreen CG and two Multiscreen Rake MR, which are to be used to treat raw water for tanks containing live fish. The machines are eight metres high and, due to the low ceiling height and constraints of the indoor space, will have to be assembled on-site and shipped from Sweden in parts.

– Shipping our products in parts forces us to think innovatively and in new ways in relation to a simple assembly, but at the same time this method saves a great deal of shipping space and we are able to ship the machines in one container instead of three. We will be on site to perform supervision during the assembly, and a delegation will also visit us in Sweden to learn more about the assembly process and the machines, Marko Kunerus Sales Manager at Hydria Water says.