Mechanical step-type screen for the Kwun Tong Preliminary Treatment Works

Recently, Hydria Water has received more interest than usual from Asia, and currently has several parallel projects and inquiries ongoing.

– We are responding to a large number of inquiries from Asia at the moment. It is a very important part of the world for us and challenging as the large population makes for extremely large flows to handle. This requires us to design and build large machines with the right capacity, Rikard Karlsson at Hydria Water says.

The Kwun Tong Preliminary Treatment Works is one of the larger projects and is currently undergoing an extensive upgrade. For Hydria Water this means that the order will be fulfilled in three deliveries, the last of which will be completed in 2020, including a total of six mechanical step-type screens.

– The channels are four metres deep, and we are building machines with a discharge height of 5.5 metres.