Mobile inlet screen system for the Sjölunda Wastewater Treatment Plant

Sjölunda is one of Sweden’s largest wastewater treatment plants, and collects the wastewater from the homes of 300,000 people. During the expansion of the plant there were problems with delays, and VA Syd chose to rent a mobile inlet screen system from Hydria Water.

 The Sjölunda Wastewater Treatment Plant is situated in the northern part of the port of Malmö, and receives roughly seven bathtubs (c. 1,350 litres) of wastewater per second. The plant was opened in 1963, and due to climate change and an increase in population it is currently being rebuilt in order to be able to handle larger volumes. Due to delays, VA Syd (an association of local utilities authorities in south-west Sweden) experienced operations-related problems and consulted Hydria Water regarding potential solutions.

– The renovation of the existing inlet was delayed, and the new biological treatment step could not be put into operation as the Sjölunda plant’s existing screens were not effective enough. We suggested a mobile inlet screen system as a temporary solution, which has worked out very well for the client, says Philip Carlsson at Hydria Water.

The mobile inlet screen system was installed in May and will be in place until the end of the year, when Sjölunda’s new inlet with screening panels will be completed.

– We also recently sold a mobile inlet screen system to Iceland, and have had quite a few other requests. Many have realised that this is a very good solution in emergency situations and as a temporary measure during the renovation of wastewater treatment plants.