Multi Rake Screen ensures the productivity of Skellefteå Kraft’s pumping station

Skellefteå Kraft is one of Sweden’s five largest electricity producers. The lack of a protective screen for large particles at the inlet of Skellefteå Kraft’s pumping station in Hedensbyn, Sweden, has led to recurring production stoppages over the years. During the project, Hydria Water has worked closely with the projected consulting firm to find the best technical solutions for the facility.

The Multi Rake MR screen that Hydria Water delivered is roughly 10 metres high and 800 mm wide; it has a slot width of 6 mm and so is one of the tallest Multi Rake MRs manufactured in the factory. Because of the narrow space in which the screen was to be installed, it was delivered in three parts. In connection with the project, Hydria Water was responsible for installation inspections, start-up, and the training of staff in the use of the delivered equipment.

– Thanks to our modern machine park and specialised personnel, we have been able to design our Multi Rake MR screens so that they can be installed in sections. It is with great pride that we have built this seemingly simple but in reality very complicated screen for water in which there are no fat particles, Johan Fritz, Sales Engineer at Hydria Water, says.

Thanks to our many years of experience of adapting machines for narrow spaces, this was a project that Hydria Water was well suited to.

Hydria Water Skellefteå Kraft
Picture by Skellefteå Kraft