New gravity thickener at Kungsängsverket, Uppsala

Kungsängsverket is the largest of Uppsala Vatten’s wastewater treatment plants. It treats the wastewater generated in the area, including by homes and companies, and purifies roughly 20 million cubic metres of sewage water annually.

Due to the fact that Kungsängsverket’s entire heavy-duty purification step will need to be replaced in the next few years, Uppsala Vatten will need to make significant investments in the near future. In order for the rebuilding for the new heavy-duty purification step to take place, several other processes at the wastewater treatment plant needed to be upgraded. We were asked to develop a solution in which two rotating sludge scrapers, which had not been in operation for many years, were upgraded to centrally driven rotating gravity thickeners. The new machines have a hanging mounting system, so in order to install them Hydria Water manufactured new bridges with a truss construction.

The project was carried out in collaboration with Miva Montage AB, and installation took place in early 2021. The new gravity thickeners have been placed in the tanks just inside the entrance gates to the wastewater treatment plant, so are the first things a visitor is greeted by when they arrive.

Hydria Water Kungsängsverket Uppsala Miva Montage