New Hydria Water CEO

Hydria Water’s new CEO is Robert Bjursten, who has a degree in mechanical engineering and experience of international work, development, and production. He has done business and undertaken commissions all over the world, with a focus on China, Russia, South Africa, India, and the Middle East. He will soon take up a position as the CEO of Hydria Water.

– The Hydria Water CEO position felt like a great fit for me; the products suited me, and it felt as if the position had a great deal of potential. Working on the export market is a challenge, and successful ventures could strongly influence operations within a very short time – which is an incentive, to my mind!

Robert has a solid CV that includes important positions at, among other companies, Volvo and Sveba Dahlen. He most recently worked as the CEO of Hagab.

– I’m leaving with a very positive feeling after just over two years at Hagab, where I placed a great deal of focus on sales, organisation, and product development.

At Hydria Water, Robert will make it his priority to ensure that activities are streamlined, to continue to build a strong organisation, and to maintain a focus on increased sales, primarily in exports.

– What is most important to me is having the right people around me. We are going to work energetically and systematically to develop our share of the export market, while at the same time maintaining pressure on the domestic market.

If we are able to maintain our position on the domestic market we will gain more power to grow on the export side, and if we grow on the export side we will gain greater opportunities on the domestic market – it will all be like a positive loop!

Robert will begin his new role as CEO at Hydria Water on April 1, 2020, after concluding his contract with Hagab, and will take over from Martin Jingnäs, who will instead become product manager for VA Teknik Sweden. During the autumn and winter, Robert has had lunch with several of his future coworkers in order to get to know his new company and colleagues.

– It feels as if everyone has a great deal of positivity, and motivation to put this to good use. All we have to do is find the right focus, so that we all want the same things, and prioritise so that we do the right things in the right order!