New rotating distributor handles up to 70% more strain and stress

At Hydria Water, work is constantly ongoing on the innovation and development of working methods and products for the future. When one of our clients experienced unforeseen problems with a rotating distributor and needed a more robust machine due to strong winds, the engineering department designed and built an entirely new heavy-duty rotating distributor.

– It was designed to be able to withstand both high winds and uneven loads. We have developed the design to have, among other things, a new top layer, and a created a machine that can handle 60–70% more strain and stress with the same component costs, Andreas Riedel, Technical Manager at Hydria Water, says.

Andreas explains that the engineering department works as a team; they first sketch proposals for products that they wish to create and then model them using simulation software. They then discuss their design, and following consultation with the client go forward with one of the suggestions – in this case a prototype heavy-duty rotating distributor, which has been installed and operational for a year at a wastewater treatment plant in Gnosjö, Sweden.