Öresundsverket increases their energy efficiency by 67%


Öresundsverket recently hired Hydria Water to refurbish two of their primary sedimentation basins. With the help of our online energy-saving tool, the customer could easily calculate that refurbishment had resulted in 67% improved energy efficiency and had reduced their emissions by 169 kg CO2/year.

“The primary reason for the change was old age, and we needed to ensure the scraper system ran smoothly as the rubber scrapers were more or less worn down. The advantage of these new scrapers is that we are rid of the wheels, and it is easier and less costly to just change the skids”, says Andreas Fäldt, Operations Engineer at Öresundsverket.

Öresundsverket is one of Sweden’s largest wastewater treatment plants, which runs solely on biological phosphorus removal. Approximately 138,000 person equivalents and several larger and smaller factories are connected to the wastewater treatment plant, which receives an average of 55,000m3 water per day.


Photo: NSVA, Timo Julko