Patented one-of-a-kind solution provides a higher quality cleaning process

After a year of developmental work and two years of field-testing, the Wash Press Gamma WPG is being launched; a one-of-a-kind solution for compressing and dewatering screenings.

“By questioning established techniques and methods currently available on the market, our driving force has been to embrace new perspectives and develop a solution that reduces wear and tear maintenance, as well as almost doubling the amount of dry solids content”, says Andreas Riedel, CTO at Hydria Water.

Some of the competitors’ products involve technology where an impeller is used that fragments the contamination and separates it from rags and screenings. But, according to Andreas, the problem with this method is that the screening is handled too harshly, which in turn leads to a higher ratio of waste particles in the wastewater from the processing phase.

“The existing technology is also risking more wear and tear, and potential breakdown as this involves fast-moving parts in a highly contaminated media.”

A patented, one-of-a-kind solution

Our technology is all about adding compressed air that penetrates the drainage perforation and separates organic contamination or such like from the mass without fragmenting the rags, which instead can be compressed in any way you wish. Furthermore, the product keeps the perforation clean and is self-cleaning; thus, no brushes are required, as is common in many other solutions.

“The machine receives separated screenings from the previous process. After which service water or technical water are added, and then a wash cycle starts with the help of the patented compressed-air function. After a completed wash cycle, the wastewater valve opens, the screw starts and the compression phase is initiated. We believe many will be curious about this new product and that we can find more customers who can see the benefits based on their perspectives and specific markets.”

Tried and tested at a wastewater treatment plant

To ensure the functionality of the Wash Press Gamma WPG, it has been tested in the operation of a wastewater treatment plant over a two-year period with careful monitoring.

“It has run without any issues and we can achieve 60 per cent dry substance content, compared to approximately 35 percent with conventional technology.”

Facts about our Wash Press Gamma WPG

  • Keeps the drainage perforation clean without the need for brushes.
  • Hardox-reinforced screw in the compression zone will provide up to 25 per cent longer lifespan without reducing capacity.
  • Optional grease removal in the application if there is no possibility of handling grease in subsequent process phases.
  • The aerosol trap is standard to protect the ventilation system from excessive moisture and dirt.