Sand Washer ST

Sand Washer ST separates, washes and dewaters sand from water. Various sand types and other heavy solids and similar fast settling materials can be handled.


– Selectable agitation technologies. Vibrator, Mixer, Air/water injector.
– Selectable sand level measuring. Pressure sensor, Load cell, Mechanical sensor.
– Maximum volume and surface enables use as ”combi unit” grit trap.
– Dry sand feed version.
– Made of robust thick high quality stainless steel alloys.
– Enclosed, safe & hygienic with easy to open access doors.
– Adaptable support legs simplify installation.


The sand/water mix is pumped or fed into the separatation tank where sand settles to the washing zone and is mechanically agitated and flushed. After washing, the screw conveyor dewaters and conveys the sand. Excess water during pumping flows out over a weir and is led out. The organic material is led out through the same outlet.