Spiral Conveyor CO

Conveyor CO conveys screenings, sludge, sand and waste either by spiral screw or by flushing.


– Robust construction capable of long conveying & heavy operation.
– Thick high strength spiral. Thick quality stainless steel trough.
– Thick easy replaceable wear surfaces in alternative materials.
– Module system for easy adaptation of inlet, outlet, supports, drainage, drive unit etc.
– Available with drainage sections and dewatering/compaction zone for screenings and wet waste.
– Compact design with selectable drive units gives flexibility.
– Enclosed, safe & hygienic.


The rotation of the spiral combined with the friction of the trough creates a forward movement. The drive can be pushing or pulling with shaftless spirals or shafted screws. The wear linings are low friction plastic or wear resistant steel bars.

These conveyors can be placed and designed in various configurations to solve transportation of screenings or sludge, inclined, horizontal or even vertical.

The conveyor can also be made as a flush launder. The flush launder uses clean or filtered water that flushes the trough to carry screenings to the compactor or dewatering equipment.