Center Screen CG

Center Screen CG is a modern fine screen with perforated panels that separates solids and screenings from water.


– Modern construction from robust stainless steel high quality materials.
– High screenings capture ratio.
– Suitable for membrane protection with smaller apertures.
– Completely separated clean and dirty side, zero carry over.
– Stainless steel chains & sprockets.
– Alternative band cleaning solutions reduces water consumption.
– Flow direction inside out or outside in.
– Perforated panel or wire mesh panels.
– With or without brush to suit different applications.
– Enclosed, safe & hygienic with easy to open access doors.
– Integrated wash press compactor, flush launder trough or screw conveyor.


A band of linked perforated panels filters the water. Separated material is conveyed upwards and gets brushed off at the discharge point. Our well-engineered brush and cleaning system prevents the perforation from clogging.

This screen is a further development of the inclined escalating travelling band screen which adds unique features such as zero carry over and higher capacity.