Channel Filter TS

Channel Filter TS is a unique concept for separation of solids & particles from water.


– Unique design with the biggest filter surface of any channel mounted drum screen on the market. This enables micro sieving as well as screening.
– Completely separated clean/dirty side eliminates ”carry over”.
– Can be used as pre treatment before membrane filtration.
– Easy changeable & alternative filter/screen/slot panels.
– Integrated screenings conveyor, wash press & shredder.
– Alternative solutions for band cleaning reduce water consumption.
– Enclosed, safe & hygienic with easy to open access doors.


Function The water is filtered through the drum from the front, underside & rear. This gives maximum filtration area enabling high separation and filtration also in open channels with limited available headloss. Separated material gets brushed off at the discharge point. And is then conveyed, washed, pressed, shredded and discharged. Channel Filter TS is delivered for channel installation or freestanding tank mounted, with or without integrated wash press conveyor.