Cross Screen XS

Cross Screen XS is a mechanical step type screen that separates solids (screenings, rubbish) from water.


– Unique sealed low friction bottom step without plastic spacers gives the highest separation of any step type screen on the market. This enables replacement of perforated screens.
– Self cleaning discharge without plastic spacers.
– Robust construction with thick bars.
– Big steps along the whole bar length ensures high conveying capacity even for big objects.
– Linkage transmission = no limitations in min or max water level.
– Solid cross beams gives high mechanical strength allowing screen widths >3m.
– Flexible mounting angle 45 to 50 degrees for compact installation in short channels.
– Easy adapted support legs simplify installation and enable the screen to be pivoted up for service.
– Enclosed, safe & hygienic with easy to open access doors.


– Patented bottom flap.
– Only screen on the market with guaranteed slot-width even during operation.
– Zero water consumption for cleaning.
– The most robust power transmission linkage between top and bottom parts of the screen.
– Curved bars with uniform steps to prevent premature screenings mat release.


Step type fine screens has unique capabilities: A 2-6 mm Cross Screen can replace a 10-30 mm coarse screen in an existing open channel while maintaining the same low head loss, without any need for pre screening.

Cross Screen XS is totally self cleaning without flushing or brushes.

This gives unrivalled capacity, result and total economy.