Sludge Reciever EX

Sludge Receiver EX is a complete system for separation of debrie & rubbish from sludge & water. Sludge trucks can connect directly to the tank.


– Robust innovative design from quality stainless materials.
– Selectable screening separation. Preferably self cleaning Cross Screen.
– Selectable screenings treatment. Wash Press, Screw Press, Ram Press.
– Alternative tank configurations. Integrated stone trap conveyor, Truck compressor air evac.
– Enclosed, safe & hygienic with easy to open
access doors


Using a Cross Screen XS keeps the sludge concen-trated. No need for flush water with self cleaning Cross Screen.

Sludge Receiver EX can consist of:
Inlet tank with air evacuation.
Stone trap with spiral conveyor.
Cross Screen XS step type fine screen 3-6mm.
Wash Press TP.
Shredder MT.