Wash Press TP

Wash Press TP is a screw press for washing, compaction och conveying of screenings and wet waste.


– Our double trough construction gives high a strong chassis that can resist high loads.
– The double trough also allows for longer inlet lengths.
– The double trough enables optimized perforated area of the inner trough for high dewatering without compromising on the drainage.
– Robust shafted screws with thick wear bars provides wear resistance and handles high compaction forces.
– Compact Design with selectable drive units gives flexibility.
– Enclosed, safe and hygienic.


Wash Press TP forces the material into a pipe system or against a back force device like the Shredder MT which givess heavy mechanical agitation for high washing, compaction and dewatering.

The screw flights gives a pulsating treatment of smaller portions which also Increases washing, dewatering, & compaction.