Washpress Gamma WPG

We have developed an entirely new, patented technology with up to 60 percent dry substance content. Compressed air is added through the drainage perforation and separates organic contamination from screenings without breaking the rags, which then can be compressed in whole.


High performance – Achieves more than 60 percent dry substance content compared to conventional technology, which would achieve 35 percent.
Easy maintenance – Reduces the risk for downtime as well as less wear and tear, which means reduced costs for the customer.
Will not affect the next process phase – Optional grease removal in the application if there is no possibility of handling grease in subsequent process phases.


The Wash Press Gamma WPG squeezes the screenings through a pipe system or other counter-forcing resistance, which creates resistance for the screw. The resistance is needed to dewater the screenings and achieve as high a dry substance content as possible. With our Wash Press Gamma WPG, we can achieve more than 60 per cent dry substance content.