Picket Fence Thickener (Gravity Thickener)

These machines are fabricated in robust designs usually made of ­stainless steel. Steel bridges or concrete slabs are used to carry drive unit system. There are a variety of configurations, with or without ­supplementary functions.


We have standardized manufacturing models to ­enable us to use modern efficient methods to ensure the highest quality products. Units have a design life in excess of 20 years.
The strong, rigid and torsion resistant design ­complies with or exceeds latest design standards and can ­handle high sludge loads.
Below water AISI304 stainless steel is typically used with an option of AISI316 also available. Motor, ­gearboxes, bearings etc. are coated according to customer requirements and specifications.


At municipal waste water recycling plants, industrial waste water recycling plants, pulp & paper mills etc. to thicken sludge increasing density of the sludge ­before it settles.


The PFT-gate rotates and is free hanging from the bridge supported by a steady bearing at the bottom, keeping the scraper gate aligned. The picket fence stirs the sludge during settlement and increases the sludge density.
The motored gear is assembled on a hot dip galvanized baseplate with mechanical torque limiter; the drive unit is located on a stationary bridge or concrete slab.

The center shaft is directly coupled and driven by the drive unit system.
The center is made with tubular design and the shaft’s lower part is equipped with a replaceable ­bottom ­bearing made of polyethylene, which ­operates against a steel stub shaft. The bearing is lubricated by process water.
From the central tube horizontal scraper arms with angled scraper blades are fitted for bottom scraping to remove sludge from the entire floor to the sludge pit in the center of the tank.

The drive unit in both cases comes either with ­mechanical or electronic overload protection.