Scum pipes

VA Teknik Scumpipes are designed for surface scum removal from ­rectangular clarifying tanks.


– Efficient surface sludge removal
– Low maintenance due to low friction materials
– Motorized scumpipes can be operated by controllers


At waste water treatment plants, industrial waste ­water­ treatment plants, pulp & paper mills etc. to remove ­surface sludge from the clarification tank.


The scumpipes are made of stainless steel and the ­rotation action is controlled either manually with a hand lever or with motored gears.
The scumpipe is supported in a plastic bearing and sealed with a gasket to prevent leakage. As an ­option the sludge scrapers can be used to control the scumpipes action in terms of flow monitoring systems indicating whenever a flow arrives.

Most of our systems have timers to activate surface scum removal at certain intervals. All plastic parts are lubricated by tank water.