Vertical chain scraper

VA Teknik’s Vertical Chain Scraper is a product that is primarily designed to simplify maintenance at the many small, unmanned purifying plants, referred to as Dortmund tanks. This scraper can also be used at larger treatment plants inside the rectangular clarification tanks sludge pits to ensure that the sludge settles all the way to the suction point.


A very basic and reliable design invented out of our plastic chain and flight scraper systems for clarification tanks at waste water treatment plants. Besides excellent corrosion resistance, the plastic chain also provides a very light weight but still strong construction. Due to its design, a Vertical Chain Scraper can in most cases be fitted in an existing sludge pit without any larger alterations to existing equipment. A more even removal of sludge is obtained in the process.

The previous demanding maintenance with manual scraping of the side walls with rakes or air brushes in rough environments with bad access is eliminated. Inspection intervals can also be reduced by operating the scraper by remote or by timer.


The Vertical Chain Scraper is a basic, simple and efficient solution for preventing unwanted sedimentation on the side walls in sludge pits.
Useful in package treatment plants with only sludge hoppers, useful in Actiflo processes to keep the micro­sand in movement.


The chain sweeps along the tank wall and prevents sludge build-up.
The vertical chain scraper’s drive unit is easy to install with a small footprint.
One of the idlers is equipped with a chain tensioner,­
which keeps the right tension on the horizontally ­operating plastic chain.
The Vertical Chain Scraper can be adapted to most tanks and sludge pits.