Spare parts

We offer high-quality products and innovative solutions, and are dedicated to ensuring that everything that we provide and install functions reliably and exactly as you would expect. The servicing and replacement of wear and replacement parts is an important aspect of optimising the lifespan and functionality of the machines and installations in our clients’ facilities.

Wear and replacement parts needs to be replaced regularly, in line with recommended intervals and procedures. This can be performed either as a separate service or by our service and installation team, who then handle the entire process.

Regularly performed services and controls ensure that no unexpected or unnecessary stoppages occur, and that optimal performance and reliable operation are achieved. As a result, your installation and facility will provide reliable water purification for many years to come.

Service and maintenance instructions and a list of available replacement parts can be found in the operation and maintenance manuals that comes with each machine.

You can order replacement parts or book a complete service and installation by contacting us:
+46 33 23 67 60